Here are some of the reasons
background checks are
an essential
part of every
hiring process

  • Better comprehend your candidates history.
  • Prevent bogus entries.
  • Ensure the safety of businesses and their employees.
  • Maintain compliance with legal policies.
  • Reduce the likelihood of a disastrous hire.

Our Services

ID verification

At Talent Brains, we verify the authenticity of an individual's identity documents, ensuring that your candidates are who they claim to be.

Address Verification

We conduct thorough checks to confirm the accuracy of candidates' residential addresses, providing you with reliable
contact information.

Employment Verification

Our team validates candidates' employment history, verifying dates, positions, and responsibilities to ensure their professional experience aligns with
your requirements.

Education Verification

At Talent Brains, we verify candidates' educational credentials with issuing institutions, ensuring they possess the qualifications necessary
for the job.

Reference Check

We gather insights from previous employers and colleagues to assess candidates' work ethic, skills, and suitability for
your organization.

Credit Check

We assess candidates' financial responsibility by reviewing their credit history, helping you make informed decisions about their suitability
for employment.

Social Media Verification

We analyze candidates' social media profiles to evaluate their online behavior and reputation, aligning with your company's values
and culture.

Global Database Verification

Our access to international databases allows us to conduct comprehensive background checks on candidates with global backgrounds or
work experience.

DIN Verification

We verify the Director Identification Numbers (DINs) of company directors, ensuring compliance with corporate governance standards and assessing their suitability for leadership roles.

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